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How Many Security Guards Per Person Event

You have an event coming up and need to hire a security team. Naturally the first question you'll have is, "what is the number of guards needed?" In most cases, to prevent overspending people tend to underestimate the actual number of guards they require, though it is extremely important to prioritise safety especially in today's violent times. Thus, it is important for event planners to always be cautious and spend a sufficient amount of money to effectively protect the guests and venue from any threats.

The presence of guards at events is usually to minimize risk of the event planner and maintain order.

Plan For Unexpected Events

To begin with, you should consider everything that can go wrong at your event. Then think about the number of guards needed to control the crowd and calm your guests in case something troublesome happens. You should begin planning from there.

Type Of Event

Further, will your event have alcohol? If yes, then you should automatically increase the number of security guards, since intoxicated guests might cause trouble that only guards can handle... a rock concert where guests are served beer is quite different than a church concert without alcoholic drinks offered.

If your event is alcohol-free, then with every 150 guests attending, consider hiring one guard. If there is alcohol, then with every 75 guests attending, hire one guard. You should be aware of the fact that security guards commonly watch over assets, doors, and gates, hence plan accordingly.

Security For Bigger Events

What should be done for small-scale events? If the guests attending are 10 or fewer, then there is no need for security. However, majority events have around 10-50 guests. In such cases, 2-4 guards are sufficient to maintain order. Though if the venue is spacious with people spread across a large area, you should hire more guards. 50-250 guests at a large event mean you should hire 4-12 security guards. If 250-1000 people are attending the event, then it is beneficial to hire 12-30 guards.

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