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How Much Does Event Security Cost

Is there an event you are planning in the UK? Organising one requires several different elements for it to be truly successful. One of the elements that are essential is security for the event. If not a requirement, it is definitely recommended for various events.

At what point do you require event security? How many security guards should be hired to control a gathering of people? Security helps in reducing liability risks, preventing mishaps and making sure your guests are safe. Security guards are also useful in making sure venue rules are being enforced effectively and your property is not being harmed, hence if you want an event to be successful it is essential to recruit the right number of guards.

Security Required At Your Next Planned Event


At what venue will your event be hosted? If you do not own the venue, then its owner should manage security arrangements on their own. However, if the owner does not take responsibility of this, then you should hire guards yourself. You can communicate with the owner beforehand to know who will be recruiting security and if the event requires any.

Number Of Guests Attending

What is the number of people attending the event? If it is only you and a few friends together, then you do not require security. However, if there are people in hundreds attending a paid event, then it is necessary to include security for protection. At events where there is alcohol involved, security is a pertinent addition. In these cases, crowds can become rather difficult to control and hence security guards are needed to supervise such gatherings.

To What Extent Is Security Required At An Event?

How to find the most suitable guests-to-security ratio? A basic rule is that for every 100 people you should hire one guard, though several security companies advise a specifically curated number of security guards according to the event type and location.

To What Extent Is Security Needed For Small-Scale Events?

Considerably, a small-scale event doesn't give you free permission to hire the least amount of guards. If the venue of your event spreads over a large area, you should hire enough security guards to supervise entry and exit points even if the number of people attending is limited. The same way, if your event is held in a huge building or room with various entrances and exits, then you might need a lot of guards despite a few people attending. Contrarily, events held in small spaces get overcrowded quickly and thus become difficult to manage. The situation worsens if you also have uninvited guests attending. You should hire additional security guards to keep control if the event is vulnerable to such party crashers.

To What Extent Is Security Needed For Large-Scale Events?

For large-scale events, big security presence is absolutely necessary. Large crowds will always be susceptible to becoming unmanageable regardless of your venue size. Believe us, you do not want less security guards in such instances. If you hold a big event with lots of people without enough security to control the crowd, you might get yourself in legal trouble in case a guest suffers an injury. Knowing your event size will help your security company in providing you with better advice. Events that are large and involve usage of alcohol might need guards embedded in the crowd so they can control any situation getting out of hand.

Why Is It Necessary To Have Security For Events?

Security at events can offer your event the following advantages:

  • Monitoring: In case someone tries to create a scene, visible security will make them realise that the event is being supervised. Hence, security will help ensure your event is free from any commotions caused by guests.
  • Comfort of Guests: You will obviously wish for your guests to feel comfortable at your event. They will feel safer and at ease if they can see visible security present at the event.
  • Crowd Management: Physical security presence will decrease the possibility of any commotions being created. Security guards can order guests to clear the way in case they are standing in front of entry and exist points to have a chat with someone or take pictures. Guards can also be helpful in ensuring guests aren't cutting queues or going to off-limit areas.
  • What to do in stressful situations: In case there are moments of danger or stress ensuing at the event, a security presence can be there to guide your guests on what to do and where to go. Guests can easily request help from uniformed security guards if they need any.
  • Avoid trespassers: a highly publicized event will attract more intruders. Trespassers will do anything they can to get in, possibly even threatening your staff. This can be avoided if your event has professional security guards present, who are experienced enough to deal with incidents involving such intruders.

You should discuss your event's venue structure and plan beforehand to ensure your security personnel works most effectively. For instance, your security company should be aware of where the event is taking place, whether outdoor or indoor. Hiring a skilled security team can ensure protection of guests as well as a successful event.

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