Private Event Security

Private Event Security

UK Event Security's main focus is client satisfaction and that is why our services are fine-tuned to match your frequency. Ever since our inception, we have worked tirelessly to understand various types of customer demands and the services needed on our part at various stages. We are always ready to be your safety net when you are managing or organizing large events or shows. And that is the reason we have been treated with such respect in the field of private event security.

Every day, every season comes with new circumstances and challenges. All events are not the same and we have understood that since the very beginning. You would not find us sending the same services and staff in a generic fashion to all our events. We know our clients and locations and thus, our decisions regarding special event security and temporary event security are custom-made to suit the location, the client, the people and the environment. We are reliable and punctual. You can expect a level of professionalism in our demeanour and language. Our services are spread wide across UK and everywhere we maintain the same level of professional ethics. We dynamically change our arrangements to suit the setups. We understand that we are your front line customer service staff too. So, our staff is trained to interact with people and create postive connections. We cannot stress enough the fact that all this is done keeping in mind the specific criteria associated with your event.

Services offered-

� We offer both armed and unarmed security. We even have off-duty police officers with us.

� We conduct a security assessment either on our arrival or beforehand.

� The standard security procedures are put in place in no time.

� Our team includes site supervisors and security agents- both posted and patrolling. Their number and type is adjusted as per your needs.

� We manage lines and control the access.

� We also manage personal security for VIPs. We also coordinate with you for verification of guest lists.

� Routine procedures like ID checking and verification, frisking and metal detectors are arranged.

� It is also made sure that no illegal activities take place.

� The number of team members can be adjusted based on your needs.

� Rental for mobile radio and metal detectors is also managed from our side.

� Car for temporary patrolling is also arranged.

� We can also arrange for a daily shift based on need.

� You do not need to worry about communication channels as any changes in increase of reduction of personnel are mass-notified.

� We also host a direct line to the top management.

� Based on the need of your event (formal, semi-formal, casual), our uniforms can be decided.

Our staff is managed via the internet as we have a system in place that easily removes or deploys the personnel. This way it is smooth and quick.

Who do we serve?

� Large open resorts

� Hotels, smaller resorts.

� Event spaces inside large properties

� Areas like banquel halls.

� Venues for PR events for business etc.

� Parties for public figures like TV stars and film personnel.

� Private affairs like weddings, birthdays, bar mitzvah etc.

� Block parties

Our training services help create an efficient workforce. Our investigative and security services make us the top of the line private event security company. Our promise is to deliver.

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