Security And Event Solutions

Security And Event Solutions

For the long spell of time we have been in operation, event security UK has come of age and now we are listed among the top and most reputed security firms in the UK. We remain one of the most renowned companies that provide stewardship and crowd management services in the UK. Our security personnel are highly qualified and will go out of their way to ensure that they give you unsurpassed manual security solutions and services that suit your security requirements.

Having been in operation for over two decades providing security solutions to our clients in various departments all around the UK, you can trust us to deliver unmatched security and event solutions for your event. Our team of security guards does not only commit itself to your function, but will work closely with you to ensure that everything works as required. Developing a mutual understand with our clients comes first on our operation agenda. By so doing, we ensure that our clients enjoy their peace of mind especially when they see us move around.

Event security UK is reputed solely for its exceptional security services attributed to the professionalism exhibited by the highly qualified personnel we employ. Our pride lies in the sustenance of a conducive working atmosphere for everyone seeking our services. We offer services that have been tailored with our client's security needs in mind. Currently, event security holds the ACS (Approved Contractor Scheme), which is recognized by the SIA and as such, giving us the mandate to offer Door Supervision and Security Guarding throughout the UK. Besides, we are also approved by the PSA (Private Security Authority) to offer event security services to not only people but organizations as well.

UK Event Security

We offer security, crowd management stewardship and consultancy services to a variety of events all over the UK. These include the Royal Highland Show, Glastonbury Festival and Reading Festival. Combing our expertise and experience in the security industry is a plus in our planning and implementation of each and every piece of the security process. We work hand in hand with our customers just to be sure that what we give them in terms of security is what they deserve no matter their event size, venue or type.

Before we embark on our security process, it is our duty to ensure that we agree on certain issues and that is why we have put in place comprehensive operational plans, pre-event risk assessments, and method of execution statements and SIA assessment reports. These must be agreed upon by all relevant parties including the local authorities, the client and the emergency service providers. Once things are set, we assign a highly experienced security personnel manager to supervise all our security operations and make sure that there is order and coordination among all parties while at the same time maintaining a conducive environment for every attendee to enjoy oneself.

The most important think to note is that we do not just employ anyone but ensure that whoever we entrust with the security of our clients has undergone training and acquired relevant skills. In this case, you will find our stewards very competent and flexible when dealing with different kinds of insecurity cases during an event. Besides, we ensure that whoever we assign to safeguard your event's security interests is SIA approved. We have a leading team that is recognized as the most effective when it comes to event security service provision.

When you let us handle things at your function we make sure that we act professionally to the last minute as creating and developing something out of the event to suit your aspirations is our duty.


Event security UK is reputed for its wide range of exemplary services in terms of crowd management and security in general. Below is a list of some of the quality services you should expect from our highly skilled security team:

  • Provision of security during sporting events
  • Conference and exhibition security services
  • Event security services
  • Front door surveillance
  • Retail security
  • Manned security


In order for us to continue providing exemplary services to our clients, we have continued to pump more of our resources into the training of our staff. To keep on track and maintain our supplementary training programmes, we have an established academy which does not offer alone but other relevant courses as well. All these courses have been designed to meet the SIA set standards as required by the industry. We have developed our training courses focusing on one major objective including health, first aid, communication and safety awareness as well as customer service without leaving out relevant career training programmes.

Our academy brags of various centre backings by the top prize awarding organizations in the UK. Our training programmes are not limited to individuals but extend to other firms in the industry which lack proper training facilities. All these courses are designed in such a way that they can be conducted at any time of the day so long as it suits your convenience.

Policy Of Recruitment

As a company that understands what it takes to be at the top, we are steadfast in ensuring a recruitment process that complies with the BSCPS Code (BS7858) - British Standard Code of Practice for Security Screening - of persons absorbed in the security sector. As it were, we ensure that all the details obtained from our recruits are correct so as not contravene the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act enacted in 2006. This is important in ensuring that whoever is absorbed into the system is fit and ready to perform the required duties.

As such, our recruitment policy suggests that only those above the age of 18 be taken in to serve as security guards. This explains why we request for proof of identity, 5 years employment records, personal references before anyone is deemed eligibly fit to train as a security guard and later on be employed to work in any given event security firm in the UK.

Equal Job Opportunities

We do not discriminate against age, gender, disability, civil partnership or marriage, race or religion when picking our employees. We know that we are all equal regardless of the differences we exhibit as human beings. It is for this and other reasons that event security UK is committed in its endeavour to accord equal job opportunities to all and sundry. We carry out our recruitment process using a well defined principle that takes into account the recruit's capability to work.

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