Show & Event Security

Show and Event Security

From the beginning of your show or event to its wrapping up, the moments pass in great tension and worry. You are worried about the necessary licensing and emergency plans. There is always the looming danger of security meltdowns and the whole thing being a big downer. Well, worry no more because, UK Event Security is here!

Whether you want to manage the crowd or secure the entrance of the house, we are here to take care of all your needs. We have hired only the best professionals in the industry to take care of all your mobile and static security needs.

Our guards are licensed under the Security Industry Authority and are trained to deal with all sorts of emergencies. Sometimes it is better to sit back and let professionals handle the job. Every event is an important one for us. We take our job with utmost sincerity and you can have full confidence that your event will go so smoothly.

Not only does our staff know all the necessary protocols and can customize the level of security based on your needs, we also are trained in all the standard evacuation procedures.

Your event organizers can communicate their demands with us in clear terms and our professional security staff shall join hands with them to keep your event as secure as possible.

We are also trained in providing intel and cooperating with the police. It is all to ensure that you don't have to worry about anything other than your show. We also keep a track of the crowd movements through our CCTV surveillance technology.

We cater for all sorts of events ranging from-

� Charity events

� Weddings

� Corporate meetings

� Music shows

� Festivals and fairs

� Carnivals

� Conferences

� Large exhibitions

� Private parties

� Sporting events

We are always ready with on the spot, emergency contingency plans and are always well-equipped to provide all sorts of help including first-aid. Our security guards are briefed with instructions specific to your needs. We don't just take the safety measures and plan evacuation in cases of emergency, we also are ready to assist you in times of need.

Our Additional Services

We do provide the traditional form of security in the form of static guards but, that is just a small demonstration of things we can do. We install and monitor CCTV cameras in your event locations. In addition to that, we also have mobile units of security personnel patrolling around the event area. In case of a hint of anything untoward, our CCTV monitors alert us in advance and our mobile units neutralize the threat in no time. We understand that different events are under different levels of threat. That is why our operations match your demands. We are there not just as your guards but also as your friends.

Why Should You Pick Us?

� We are spread all across UK. No need to change your security when you change your location.

� We are approved from all safety benchmarks.

� The topmost of ACS approved contractors are with us.

� We are a service with a human touch. We also provide great customer service.

� Our security guards have been meticulously chosen and are very reliable.

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