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What Is Event Security

We don't only need security for massive festivals and concerts - we also need it to protect staff and guests at any gathering. Having skilled security personnel also ensures reduction in damage risks to the event's venue, making sure additional costs do not exceed limit. The number of security guards you will require depends on what kind of event you are planning to hold. For instance, you will require less security in a morning conference as compared to a music show held in the evening.

1) Make a crowd administration plan

If you are hosting an event that will potentially attract a huge crowd, then you will need an event security plan to manage them. Make sure you have sufficient number of toilets to prevent long queues, dispersed refreshment stations spread evenly to stop overcrowding in small areas, and enough staff for effective management. You will also want guests to remain calm in possible stressful situations, hence it is important to plan evacuation procedures, or have enough signposts to prevent guests from feeling frustrated because they do not know where to go.

2) Know the number of security your event requires

The basic principle is that for 10 guests, one guard should be hired at the minimum. Numbers depend on the kind of crowd expected to attend. For instance, sport fans will have more emotional outbursts as compared to delegates attending business events. Professional security companies can organise a huge amount of staff for your event but they will first need to know the number of guests attending.

3) Know what kind of security is required

In majority instances, it is okay to hire guards only to supervise entrances and monitor guests. Though some events pose greater risks and might need specialized security personnel for the venue's protection than others. For example, if a controversial public speaker is invited to your event, protestors can show up. Considering these possibilities beforehand will help you install sufficient security outside the venue to keep such trespassers for gate-crashing.

4) Check the visitors' bags

Having a bag checking station right after the registration point can help reduce risk of visitors bringing dangerous weapons to the event. Along with searching for glass bottles, guns, and knives, you should also ask the security guards to look for alcohol. Intoxicated visitors can endanger themselves as well as others, and it is a lot easier to check on what drinks people are consuming if they are at the bar.

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