Event Security Officer

Event Security Officer

Job Duties Performed By an Event Security Officer

As a security guard, you are required to safeguard property belonging to your employer. There are various settings where you as a security officer or guard can be deployed to work. You could be in charge of security in banks, public buildings, museums and universities just to mention a few.

In this case, if you have been dreaming of ever becoming a security guard, then you should be prepared to handle security of any kind in various areas.

Keep reading to learn more about the job duties you will entitled to once you become an event security officer.

The good thing is that it is in these particular areas where you can also find security and criminal justice degree courses.

Responsibilities And Duties Of An Event Security Officer

Job duties of a security guard are dependent on where one is assigned. These may include guarding a retail shop, hospital or a commercial building. These duties may also vary - mobile or stationary. The most important thing is that as an event security officer your responsibilities will range from enforcing rules, responding to security issues to upholding safety. Basically, security guard assignments are divided into 3 main groups including:

  • Problem response
  • Communicating with people
  • Safeguarding against security issues

Facts About Event Security Officers

Prevention Of Security Issues

As a security guard, your presenceis critically important as it can help scare away people with malicious intentions. Since you are practically present anyone intending to steal, assault, vandalize or behave in undesirably may be forced to think otherwise for fear of being apprehended. Walking around premises, monitoring undesirable behaviour as well as other security related issues are some of the assignments of a security guard. There are also times when one is assigned to man a particular post or oversee security monitors such as CCTVs and the like. If you are assigned to provide security in closed premises, the best way to prove that everything is ok is by use of a swipe card or keys to access or lock the doors so that everything remains secure. In some cases, you may be required to write a comprehensive report on what transpired while on duty.

Responding To Incidents

When it comes to responding to emergency calls, your responsibilities and duties may differ. This will depend on the licensing laws of the state where you live or work and if you have the permission to carry and use a weapon or not. Removing people who are likely to cause trouble in premises, looking out for trespassers and controlling crowds in case of emergencies are also some of the job duties you should expect to do as an even security officer. Other security related issues may occur while you are on guard alone; you will definitely be required to act first. These may include medical emergencies or fire outbreaks - under which circumstances; you will be prompted to alert the relevant departments.

Corresponding With People

Communication is very important especially so if you are a security officer. This is critical when it comes to ensuring safety and upholding security. For insistence, you must ensure that people around you have confidence in you and you can only do that by talking to them. During distress or emergencies, you must be able to provide first aid, administer law and order verbally or guide customers in commercial premises. Sometimes it may be your duty to give permission to persons entering commercial buildings as well as screening them to ascertain whether they have any dangerous gadgets on them.

Employment And Payment

Statistics indicate that employment in the security sector is approximately 12%. The same report shows an average salary of a security guard standing at approximately $28,040 per annum; however, this could vary depending on where one is deployed. Those who provide security services in electric power firms are could be entitled to about $48,700 per annum.

Considering that security is one of the most important aspects of life, there is need for people looking forward to working in the industry to have relevant education and training. To be precise, we at event security UK, we do not just take people in for the sake of employment. We vet them to determine whether they meet the SIA standard certification. Besides, we do understand the difficulties a security guard experiences while on duty and that is why we always want to ensure discipline is upheld at all costs.

Looking at what a security guard is supposed to do, it is important to be acquainted with what your assignment requires. While training to become a security officer remains in the hands of whoever wants to serve as one, it is the duty of the state to award licenses. In case you wish to obtain high level skills, it is vital for you to obtain relevant certification.

Event security courses

For you to be a qualified event security officer, you will need to undertake the following courses:

� Fire prevention

� Crowd control, Observation skills

� First aid

� Investigative techniques

� Traffic direction

� Ethics and psychology

The good thing with event security UK is that we take into account all the necessary measures before deploying our troops. We only consider licensed personnel. One thing you should also understand is that apart from our approval, holding a license by the state is a pre-requisite to serve as a security guard. In order to ensure that the staff we have is of the highest standard, we have outlined our certification requirements to suit your convenience.

Getting Certified

In order for you become a PSP (Physical Security Professional) there is need for you obtain a bachelor's degree and also should have served in the security industry for not less than four years. You can also be elevated to the same position if you hold an associate's degree and having served for not less than six years working experience. In this case, during examination, you will be required to provide comprehensive and satisfactory answers to questions appertaining to security compromise, knowledge on how to handle security and skills as well as application of counter-security measures and above all, carry out security surveys. Since we are a company that upholds high quality security service provision, we give our PSP officers the opportunity to obtain high level certification so as to fully acquire the necessary experience and managerial skills.

Type Of Training

The good thing is that you can always gain security skills while working as one. Sometimes it is possible for one to become a security guard without necessarily going through any kind of certification. However, in order for you to get approved, it is important that you gain some kind of degree. We offer on-job training services to our personnel to enable them gain the necessary skills and certification. Our security guards have undergone thorough training on various issues including first-aid and disaster management techniques. This is very important as far as responding to emergencies is concerned. To ensure first class security service provision, we have gone out of our way to provide courses that allow our security professionals to attain leadership positions, learn how to handle fire arms, use Tasers and batons. To achieve ascend to such position; one must hold a bachelor's degree certificate.

To serve in criminal justice department, you will definitely have to graduate and obtain a degree. However, if you hold a bachelor's or an associate's degree is essential as far as gaining the required experience in solving security issues is concerned. In this case you will be required to undergo training in areas such as ethics and psychology and investigation. To ensure that we have the right person for your security needs, we at event security UK have put in place mechanisms to enable our security guards gain leadership techniques.

All said and done, you will agree with us that security job isn't as easy it sounds. It actually requires one to be committed and self-motivated to be able to serve clients well. Our many years of experience have given us the upper hand over our counterparts and those we have served before can attest to that. We focus on giving out the best and since your security means quite a lot to us, we will ensure whoever we assign to man a post on your behalf does a creditable job.

For top class security services do not hesitate to contact event security UK. We shall be most willing to see you through your security needs without relenting. We work tireless to deliver excellent services to our clients. Above all, once you get to us, we will be most willing to walk you through our packages to enable you find what suits your convenience. As such, our services are cost effective and our staff is up to the task!

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