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How Much Does Security Cost For An Event

In the United Kingdom, the average cost for bouncers can go from �53-�158, though the actual cost can vary. Your event has you busy planning and coordinating decorations, caterers, and venue. However, amidst the event, how will you ensure your event is running smoothly? For that, you will need to hire bouncers.

This security service will make your event much more professional. Bouncers can also dress according to the event's theme and maintain sophistication. Having them around will save your guests from facing any unwanted disturbances. The amount of money needed to hire bouncers largely depends on several factors such as event type and time of the day it is being held.

Costs Of Event Bouncers

  • Minimum UK National Cost - �53
  • Maximum UK National Cost - �158
  • Average UK National Cost - �53 to �158
  • Mean Range Of Cost - �53 to �158


When planning events, an important concern can be security. Your bouncers should blend in the event and provide you with necessary services. If you want to hire someone who will ensure your event is well managed, you have to decide who exactly do you want on board. You should think about the type of your event and where it'll be held to decide the kind of security team have to hire. Doing such research beforehand will help you search for the most skilled bouncers!

Event Type

The presence of a bouncer can benefit several different types of events. Perhaps you want professional musicians at the music concert you are hosting. Bouncers can help protect the artists on stage from being swamped by fans. They can help with a school dance or prom as well. As majority of guests in such events are going to be minors, their security is the most important concern. Maybe you are planning to host a party, like a birthday, at some venue. Hence you would only want guests who are invited to attend.

Bouncers can also come in handy for civic or corporate events. As certain areas might have to be closed off in order to guide guests, keeping bouncers around will ensure your event runs smoothly. Further, their presence can be also be of huge help in events involving large crowds.

Venue Of Event

Events that are hosted in public areas mean bouncers are needed to ensure guests are feeling safe throughout the event. A bouncer will make sure only invited guests gain entry inside the venue. Business events hosted in schools or office buildings might require some areas needing to be closed off to prevent public access. Bouncers can also come in handy during ticketed events such as concerts to maintain order. They can make sure people are guided well and stay in right areas. Additionally, bouncers also make sure outsiders do not gain access to the venue.

Security Services Types

Different kinds of services are required for different events. You should consider the kind of event when deciding the services you require in order to search for a relevant bouncer. It can go from one to several bouncers guarding your event. Site security services are often used to protect building sites along with keeping equipment and tools secure. This will prevent any losses and maintain audit standards. It also makes sure that only hired staff has access to the sites for work purposes. This along with fulltime response services will keep everything in order. You might also need a bouncer for roving patrol services that keeps the location or site of the event secure. You also have the option to enlist bouncers for security guard or bodyguard services.

Time Of Event

You would want to keep a bouncer throughout the entire event along with time to let your guests come and leave. You should estimate your event's duration to help decide the time you will need a bouncer for in case you are not sure. Communicate with your bouncer to make sure they will stay until all guests are gone. It is important to note that you might want your bouncers to come early and stay there until all guests leave. Leave an additional hour in the event's timeline so this portion is covered.

Experience Of Event

Find an experienced bouncer with your event's type. This will help in preparing them to manage crowds and define limits of the event's venue. In case this is your first time planning an event with bouncers, you will need some help. A skilled professional bouncer will have relevant knowledge on how to keep order and peace. You can also look up services or bouncers online for any reviews. This will help you decide if a bouncer is fit for the event. Through this, you can make the right choice by finding out about their ability to control crowds, demeanour, and level of professionalism.

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